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Friday, April 22, 2016

Thin condoms - Condom thickness, oh why are they so many numbers?

Over the years there is a race to get the most sensation for us guys. The thickness of a condom changes the entire sexual experience. So the question that people ask is thin better? Is it worth forking out that extra dough for the experience?

Typically condoms are about 0.07mm thick, so with the 003s you are essentially halving that value and getting closer to the action. So at 0.01mm, well go figure out how thin that is for you!

Thin is usually better, the thinner the condom the better the experience. Having a thin condom like the ones from Sagami (Sagami 001 or Sagami 002) or Okamoto (Okamoto 001, Okamoto 002, Okamoto 003) gives a better experience as it really does bring you closer to your partner. The other thing is the heat transfer during penetration. You can really feel your partner's warmth when you enter her.

However, fit is also and equally important aspect in the use of condoms, something that is too tight restricts blood flow and prevents the user from having a good erection, something that is too loose and you will run the risk of it slipping out halfway during intercourse. Choose a condom that holds nicely when erected, this will help increase surface contact during the session. Ignore your ego, don't get the XL versions if you are not equipped to handle it, trust me, something fitting will give you the best experience ever.

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