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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sagami 002 and why it is thinner

So the Sagami 002 is one of the thinnest condoms available commercially. So what is so great about this condom that trumps the older brother the latex condom. Well for me it is the sheer thinness that I love, the feeling is really excellent and the sensitivity is great.

The reason this condom is thinner than latex is because of the choice of material used. Latex condoms has peaked (at least in this generation) at 0.03 and new materials are being experimented on to provide greater sensation. This leads to a foam, polyurethane which is used in our daily lives. This has allowed us to push the boundaries and make it even thinner, the material offers a good amount of protection without the need to be super thick.

So who benefits from this new materials? Well there are 2 people who are in for a safe treat. Firstly are those looking for increase sensation when making love and secondly would be those who are alergic to latex. Sorry bros and ladies I know it must have been hard to practice safe sex and break out in a rash, but well rejoice, now you have the thinnest condoms around.

But to be frank, who knows maybe someone would invent a latex condom that is able to be thinner than 0.03, well lets just hope some genius figures it out and we can all enjoy the increase sensation that comes with the thinness.

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