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Welcome to my condom reviews. You no longer need to feel that way! You can now experience the pleasures from condoms used by the Japanese AV stars! Choose from our variety of condoms from Japan with different technologies to help you and your partner feel good! Have a wild time together with peace of mind but experience greater sensitivity and the natural feel when using these condoms from Japan.

When used properly, condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and keep those nasty STDs away.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Durex Invisible Condoms, thin and super sensitive!

It has been some time since I have written about condoms as there has not been much movement in the market recently, however our friends are Durex has recently launched their new line of condoms the Durex Invisible (Extra Sensitive and Extra Lubricated).

Durex boasts that these are the thinnest condoms they have ever created, right out of the pack you can tell that the condoms are indeed thinner than the regular Durex condoms but it still felt thicker than what is offered by Okamoto or Sagami. The condom has a slight matte look to it and is not fully transparent like the Okamoto or Sagami.

Here is where is gets interesting, though it feel thicker, but when it is worn, it fits nicely and does feel very conforming. During intercourse, the condom feels so at one with my skin that it disappears during the session and feels as if it is not there. True to their advertising of extra sensitive, it felt so good that at times I had to withdraw to check if the condom actually broke. My experience using the new Durex was so good that I had trouble prolonging my desire to ejaculate.

Though at a higher price than the Okamoto or Sagami variants, this new offering by Durex has indeed pushed the envelope for me and I’m liking their new condoms, renewing my interest in this classic brand. Bringing a new experience for their loyal supporters and defectors, great condoms for safe sex that does what it say it does, stay “invisible”.

Sensitivity: 5 / 5
“Skin” Feel: 5 / 5
Material: 4.5 / 5        
Heat Transfer: 4 / 5
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Friday, September 2, 2016

Thinnest Latex Condom Okamoto 003

So if you don't know it already the Okamoto 003 was awarded the thinnest latex condom. So yeah get closer to your loved one and enjoy the sheer thinnest and high heat transfer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Okamoto 0.03 VS Okamoto 0.03 Hyaluronic Acid

Is it worth the extra few bucks for the Hyaluronic Acid version? Well for one if you ever used Hyaluronic Acid you would know it gives a slippery feel when applied to the skin. This is a natural lubricant that is often found in your eyes and joints. So for the few extra bucks (for a box of 10), the addition of Hyaluronic Acid provides a “natural lubrication” for you and your partner.

The normal 003 comes with a substance to keep the condom moist in the pack and prevent it from drying up. While the Hyaluronic Acid  003 comes with some lubrication that helps to lubricate during intercourse, reducing the need to purchase extra lubricants for the session.

The 003 Hyaluronic Acid should be able to last you for the entire session without the need for extra lubrication. It gives a nice slippery feeling without being overly smooth which some may experience when applying KY. So yes the extra few dollars makes it worth it, with the condom being pre lubricated will let you get into the action without extra lube, or saliva.

Keeping a few 003 Hyaluronic Acid is a good idea for that natrual feel when you make sweet love to your partner. But both are equally thin and give you excellent heat transfer for a closer feel with your partner.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Thin Condoms are they safe?

There are questions on the thiness of condoms. Are thin condoms really safe? There is less materials and of course most of us know that the thinner the material the easier it tears.

There are 2 things to note on condom usage, yeah thiner is technically easier to puncture however thinner also means it is slightly more flexible and stretchable. Condoms from reputable companies are electronically tested, meaning as long as there is no current transfer from the outside to the inside of the condom , it is safe. This is used to test for holes or breakages during production.

Thin condom use is safe if used properly, so you need to ensure that as a guy your dick is errected before you side the condom on, the reason is that you don’t want to be in a situation where the condom is not stretch to the correct size before penetration., potentially what will happen if not done properly is that the there will not be enough room, if you happen to become firmer or longer during coitis, you will potentially break the condom.

Think condoms are as reliable as their standards counterparts which are already very thin. Personally a favorite of mine is the 003 from Okamoto, so far they are safe and durable if used properly.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sagami 001 Review - World thinnest condom

I'm pretty sure that most guys prefer the sensation of not wearing any protection, but remember bros that when you’re having fun it is often advisible to wear protection. When it come to sensation the 001 condoms are as close as it gets. So what makes the 001 so great?

The 001 condoms are tested for durability and strength, you know the amount of pounding that it will undergo during the act of intercourse. So you can be sure the condom will hold up for a great deal of time. Usually it takes me about 10 – 15 minutes of action before I give in. So I’m very sure that it holds up well, just remember that lubrication is very important cause you don’t want the condom to go breaking on you.

One thing about the 001 is the unrolling process, it’s thinner and requires a little more grip to get it unrolled over your member. The good thing is that you need to really be errect to let it roll on smoothly and this is a good indication that the condom is rolled on correctly and you’re protected well.

Heat transfer is off the charts and this my female “friends” have also commented on how it feels like there is no condom there. So yeah bros, if you want something to feel as close as it gets you will need to pick up the 001s.

The Sagami 001 comes in a pack of 5 condoms, all tested and ready for your protection. Inside a nicely designed box are 5 condoms in little plastic containers. So till next time enjoy yourselves bros!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sagami 002 and why it is thinner

So the Sagami 002 is one of the thinnest condoms available commercially. So what is so great about this condom that trumps the older brother the latex condom. Well for me it is the sheer thinness that I love, the feeling is really excellent and the sensitivity is great.

The reason this condom is thinner than latex is because of the choice of material used. Latex condoms has peaked (at least in this generation) at 0.03 and new materials are being experimented on to provide greater sensation. This leads to a foam, polyurethane which is used in our daily lives. This has allowed us to push the boundaries and make it even thinner, the material offers a good amount of protection without the need to be super thick.

So who benefits from this new materials? Well there are 2 people who are in for a safe treat. Firstly are those looking for increase sensation when making love and secondly would be those who are alergic to latex. Sorry bros and ladies I know it must have been hard to practice safe sex and break out in a rash, but well rejoice, now you have the thinnest condoms around.

But to be frank, who knows maybe someone would invent a latex condom that is able to be thinner than 0.03, well lets just hope some genius figures it out and we can all enjoy the increase sensation that comes with the thinness.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Okamoto 003 - Chinese buying frenzy

Wow, even the Chinese are in on the action. Looks like there are not enough stocks to fulfill the needs of the Chinese market and with so many tourist wiping out the Okamoto 002, and Okamoto 003 I think we need to buy as much as we can soon! Hahaha. My friend who was in Japan mentioned that the Okamoto 001 are limited to 10 packs per customer, so I guess it is real, there are control measures in place, no wonder we do not get it in our countries and are mostly imports. Well just go grab some as soon as possible then!

LINK: Okamoto Condom buying explosion