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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Durex Invisible Condoms, thin and super sensitive!

It has been some time since I have written about condoms as there has not been much movement in the market recently, however our friends are Durex has recently launched their new line of condoms the Durex Invisible (Extra Sensitive and Extra Lubricated).

Durex boasts that these are the thinnest condoms they have ever created, right out of the pack you can tell that the condoms are indeed thinner than the regular Durex condoms but it still felt thicker than what is offered by Okamoto or Sagami. The condom has a slight matte look to it and is not fully transparent like the Okamoto or Sagami.

Here is where is gets interesting, though it feel thicker, but when it is worn, it fits nicely and does feel very conforming. During intercourse, the condom feels so at one with my skin that it disappears during the session and feels as if it is not there. True to their advertising of extra sensitive, it felt so good that at times I had to withdraw to check if the condom actually broke. My experience using the new Durex was so good that I had trouble prolonging my desire to ejaculate.

Though at a higher price than the Okamoto or Sagami variants, this new offering by Durex has indeed pushed the envelope for me and I’m liking their new condoms, renewing my interest in this classic brand. Bringing a new experience for their loyal supporters and defectors, great condoms for safe sex that does what it say it does, stay “invisible”.

Sensitivity: 5 / 5
“Skin” Feel: 5 / 5
Material: 4.5 / 5        
Heat Transfer: 4 / 5
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5