Japanese condom reviews

Don't you find the current over the shelf condoms boring and dull?

Welcome to my condom reviews. You no longer need to feel that way! You can now experience the pleasures from condoms used by the Japanese AV stars! Choose from our variety of condoms from Japan with different technologies to help you and your partner feel good! Have a wild time together with peace of mind but experience greater sensitivity and the natural feel when using these condoms from Japan.

When used properly, condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and keep those nasty STDs away.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sagami 001 Condoms

I just read about the Sagami 001 condoms. This is freaking amazing and at the same time perhaps a little scary. Personally I have never tried it myself but I would really love to get a pack if possible, anyone want to sponsor me? But I think the preference is still of the latex condoms that personally I feel hold better to my skin. The 0.02 that I tried previously had a plastic feel to them. But that is 0.02, I'm sure with the thin membrane of the 0.01 the feeling and heat transfer would be even more awesome as compared to the 0.02 that I tried.

So anyone wanna have some fun with me (ladies only please) can also get a pack and have a session with me. Hahaha, although I doubt ladies will come visit this page.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Espire 003j Condoms

Espire 003j is a Japan made condom that provides 2 lubricants, one on the male side and one on the female side. The lubricants are said to give a more natural feel for both the male and female. Of course what is great is that it is already nicely labeled on which side is which, so most of the time you're not getting it wrong. Unless of course at the heat of the moment, you tear the wrapper and forget which side is which.

The condom is thin, which gives great heat transfer and the other thing I really like is the jelly, as it slowly melts down during the love making process so she starts getting wetter, not that she is not wet enough already. This condoms gives a very natural feel to the entire process and is as good as the hyrauolic acid variant.

They roll on easy and fit well for most asians, they are incredibility comfortable and are a pleasure to use.

These condoms are thin and would fit well in your purse or wallet without the added bulk, so it's good to carry one around to use when the need arises. These delightful condoms come in a pack of 3 and so far I only see them distributed where I stay.  Those interested in this can drop me an email and I can see if we could work out an arrangement to ship these out to you!

Sensitivity: 5 / 5
"Skin" feel: 4.5 / 5
Material: 4.5 / 5
Heat transfer: 4.5 / 5
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5