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Welcome to my condom reviews. You no longer need to feel that way! You can now experience the pleasures from condoms used by the Japanese AV stars! Choose from our variety of condoms from Japan with different technologies to help you and your partner feel good! Have a wild time together with peace of mind but experience greater sensitivity and the natural feel when using these condoms from Japan.

When used properly, condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and keep those nasty STDs away.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Thin Condoms are they safe?

There are questions on the thiness of condoms. Are thin condoms really safe? There is less materials and of course most of us know that the thinner the material the easier it tears.

There are 2 things to note on condom usage, yeah thiner is technically easier to puncture however thinner also means it is slightly more flexible and stretchable. Condoms from reputable companies are electronically tested, meaning as long as there is no current transfer from the outside to the inside of the condom , it is safe. This is used to test for holes or breakages during production.

Thin condom use is safe if used properly, so you need to ensure that as a guy your dick is errected before you side the condom on, the reason is that you don’t want to be in a situation where the condom is not stretch to the correct size before penetration., potentially what will happen if not done properly is that the there will not be enough room, if you happen to become firmer or longer during coitis, you will potentially break the condom.

Think condoms are as reliable as their standards counterparts which are already very thin. Personally a favorite of mine is the 003 from Okamoto, so far they are safe and durable if used properly.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sagami 001 Review - World thinnest condom

I'm pretty sure that most guys prefer the sensation of not wearing any protection, but remember bros that when you’re having fun it is often advisible to wear protection. When it come to sensation the 001 condoms are as close as it gets. So what makes the 001 so great?

The 001 condoms are tested for durability and strength, you know the amount of pounding that it will undergo during the act of intercourse. So you can be sure the condom will hold up for a great deal of time. Usually it takes me about 10 – 15 minutes of action before I give in. So I’m very sure that it holds up well, just remember that lubrication is very important cause you don’t want the condom to go breaking on you.

One thing about the 001 is the unrolling process, it’s thinner and requires a little more grip to get it unrolled over your member. The good thing is that you need to really be errect to let it roll on smoothly and this is a good indication that the condom is rolled on correctly and you’re protected well.

Heat transfer is off the charts and this my female “friends” have also commented on how it feels like there is no condom there. So yeah bros, if you want something to feel as close as it gets you will need to pick up the 001s.

The Sagami 001 comes in a pack of 5 condoms, all tested and ready for your protection. Inside a nicely designed box are 5 condoms in little plastic containers. So till next time enjoy yourselves bros!