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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Does condom prices matter?

Does it really matter how much you pay for a pack of condom? For me it does, the different in feeling is just worth that extra 80cents to $1.50 just to experience the difference. I guess some of you out there are wonder why does it matter, a condom is a condom, it does it job and it prevents a potential father's day from happening, or some nasty STD.

I have had the fortune of testing out various types and I have put down some of my observations as part of the rating system for this blog. So in no order of preference I will help you understand the differences in experience condoms give.


Latex - The most common material that is used, more rubbery feel, kind of more stretchable and can wrap around your manhood well. Thinnest achieve is the 0.03 by Okamoto. They provide excellent feel and frankly comfort with the right lube.

Polyurethane - This has come a long way and recently used in the thinner condoms such as the 0.02 and the 0.01 but Okamoto and Sagami.  However this material feels a little stiffer for the 0.02 but as it progresses thinner, the stiffness is less apparent and extremely comfortable.

Personally I like the 003s and the 001s, the slightly thicker 003 still feels comfortable during sex.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is one of the sensations during intercourse, a thinner condom provides greater heat transfer. I found that I could feel an immediate sensation using the 001 compared to the 003s. Apart from touch what you are paying for is greater heat sensation.


Thinner condoms are equally good for protection, but they need to be used properly to ensure safety. Lube up so that there is less friction.


I like the latex fitting of the condom, choose one that is your size. Most will be fine with the normal thickness ones, bigger brothers should go for the larger size ones. If it's too small, you will suffocate your manhood and risk breakage. However for normal size bros, stick to the normal ones, too large the condom will just slide off.

So when getting a condom, consider the size, the thickness and the material. But after your have gone with the 003 and 001s its really hard to turn back. Ok boys, stay safe and have fun!

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