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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sagami 001 Condoms

I just read about the Sagami 001 condoms. This is freaking amazing and at the same time perhaps a little scary. Personally I have never tried it myself but I would really love to get a pack if possible, anyone want to sponsor me? But I think the preference is still of the latex condoms that personally I feel hold better to my skin. The 0.02 that I tried previously had a plastic feel to them. But that is 0.02, I'm sure with the thin membrane of the 0.01 the feeling and heat transfer would be even more awesome as compared to the 0.02 that I tried.

So anyone wanna have some fun with me (ladies only please) can also get a pack and have a session with me. Hahaha, although I doubt ladies will come visit this page.