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Welcome to my condom reviews. You no longer need to feel that way! You can now experience the pleasures from condoms used by the Japanese AV stars! Choose from our variety of condoms from Japan with different technologies to help you and your partner feel good! Have a wild time together with peace of mind but experience greater sensitivity and the natural feel when using these condoms from Japan.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Oh my! After I found out about this condom I think this will be one on my HIT list! This condom is the Sagami 0.02mm but this is 20% thinner than their already ridiculously thin condom!

So what do you get for USD$23?

You get 4 individually sealed condoms in gold foil and a premium packaging to hold them nicely. Apart from that I think you will get a greater sensation with the one you love! I'll probably order one myself to test it out cause I really wonder if it could get any better that the original 0.02.

Oh BTW I love the packaging that it comes in, these little plastic cups that hold the condom sealed, easier to open and you will not be afraid that you accidentally rip it when opening the wrapper.

You can read more on this wonderful condom at Japan Sugoi!

You can purchase this condom over at Amazon, just click on the link and it will bring you directly to the order page if you're willing to splurge that extra dough on that special someone.

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